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Why Buy From Us

Our Pricing
We price our vehicles based purely on how effectively we can sell on the current market. Typically our prices will always be in best lowest 5% range of like makes and models. Information provided via and Cargurus. Considering the history of our vehicles; non-rental; Carfax Certified, lower miles and clear of accidents the values are pretty simple. Here at Red Rock Automotive you can feel confident you are getting the best value for your money.
We also offer low rate financing on the majority of our vehicles. The financing is offered through various lenders from Credit Unions to Main Stream Banks. We have financing for all types of credit as well.
We only offer best protection in extended service contract as well. We are pleased to parnter with Gold Standard Automotive Network.  The only warranty company that offers protection and paid scheduled maintenance.  Not to mention highest in client satisfaction which matches our high standards.
Our Inventory
One of the main attributes that makes Red Rock Automotive different from any other New Car Dealer or Independent Dealer is our consistent effort to find clean vehicles with low to lower miles. With the abundance of inventory sources available it still take meticulous work and time to find the right vehicles for retail.
Our management is constantly looking for vehicles with excellent history; non rentals; no accidents; and clean and clear titles. Throw in lower miles on most of our units, and you get a very rare unit available to you. But the efforts don't stop there. After finding these vehicles we still make sure we give the vehicles a complete once over through are full reconditioning process. All vehicles go through a rigorous check to make they are up excellent standards. For example if tire tread is too low we will replace with new tires, and same goes for brakes and rotors.
You will find that some Dealers will only buy vehicles still under factory warranty and use factory warranty to prep vehicles for resale. It is always important to understand that factory warranty only fixes or replaces failed manufactured components. Few items that are “never” covered under a manufacture warranty are tires, brake pads, filters, batteries just to name a few. As you can clearly see we stock vehicles with factory warranty and some that are out of warranty but each vehicle still gets full reconditioning. We can not make our cars 100% perfect but we do our best to make them right.

Our Difference
What makes us different? The answer to that is our customers. It starts from excellent selection of “best value” vehicles to world class treatment. Most clients would expect less from an Independent Dealer, but with over 15 years in the auto industry and understanding what the buyer “really” wants is what makes us that much different here at Red Rock Automotive.
Customers hate buying cars for very good reasons. High pressure, poor quality selection, time invested at the dealership. All these issues are valid and unnecessary. We assure you at Red Rock Automotive you will be happy with the vehicle values and products we offer. We will never engage into high pressure sales tactics. Our time it takes to complete a sale never takes hours. To complete a transaction here at Red Rock Automotive usually takes less than 40 minutes to complete after the client agrees to purchase the vehicle.
We here at Red Rock Automotive are family owned and operated, and we hope we can deliver the best service possible. Our staff is extremely friendly and always willing to assist any client in their buying needs.